TASMA (Total Addressable Search Market Audit) is a data-driven audit that demonstrates the potential ROI available for your business via search. It’s the TAM for search marketing. This audit is perfect for understanding how SEO can reshape your business in terms of income generated & market share.


SQA (Sitewide Quality Audit) is the all-in-one report that presents a view of where your site stands in terms of overall SEO signals. The SQA is a part technical audit, part content audit, part strategy, & it drives all of my specialised SEO campaigns.

Comprehensive SEO Audit

Want to understand your revenue opportunity with search & the optimisation you will need to make to achieve it?

The Comprehensive SEO Audit does precisely that. I combine the TASMA & SQA to create the ultimate technical audit, so you can understand how SEO can affect your bottom line and the modifications that need executing to achieve the strategic revenue goal.

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Technical SEO

Technical SEO

The best way to describe technical SEO is by imagining racing your old bike against a brand new, tuned & shining Tesla. Once you start racing, the outcome is fixed.

Website Auditing

Website Audits

I will perform an in-depth audit of your current website, optimise beyond the page-speed basics & return a report with re-usable code examples & technical guidelines.

Web Vitals

Web Vitals SEO

I understand the techniques for improving site performance. It's a must as this is a NEW Google ranking factor. Are you up to date with the new algorithms arriving in May 2021?

Digital Strategy Planning

Digital Strategy Planning

Marketing data does not come from just a single channel. You want to keep an eye on the most relevant marketing channels to see & discover new opportunities.

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"Lee's passionately committed & extremely talented. I have found him to be results-driven. Dealing with Lee was great fun; there is no smoke & mirrors rather a professional, competent, friendly business approach with the most refreshing 'can do' attitude that made it a pleasure to do business with him."

Brendan Leece
Brendan Leece
Int. Customer Experience Manager

"Lee's been looking after our website marketing & strategy for the last eight months & I'm very impressed with the work he's carried out for us & his enthusiasm to make our site a success. I'd thoroughly recommend using Lee to help with any digital marketing needs you may have."

Gareth Hall
Gareth Hall
Sales Director
Fine Controls Ltd
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