Latest Client Case Study.

The Client's Brief.

I was approached by Geoff to produce a website that assisted in generating new work for the business. He had never had a website before but understood the importance of keeping up-to-date with trends (Geoff knew YELL (or todays name HIBU) was something of the past for advertising).

Geoff loved the look of my website, the design and usability. He requested that I produced his in the same look and feel. Which I was more than happy to do on his behalf.

My goal was to target local traffic that Geoff provides cover for. It had to be user friendly and was optimised for mobile devices including both mobile phones and tablets.

GEO Location Pages Ranking Results.

Keyword Ranking
Chimney Sweep 3rd (page 1)
Local Chimney Sweep 2nd (page 1)
Chimney Sweep Bentham 1st (page 1)
Chimney Sweep Brookhouse 1st (page 1)
Chimney Sweep Carnforth 3rd (page 1)
Chimney Sweep Caton 1st (page 1)
Chimney Sweep Halton 1st (page 1)
Chimney Sweep Ingleton 1st (page 1)
Chimney Sweep Lancaster 2nd (page 1)
Chimney Sweep Morecambe 3rd (page 1)


I am very proud of the finished website and the performance both in speed and results on Google's SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages). (I keep up-to date with Google's requirements for a successful site and understand the speed a web-page loads is a ranking factor). Geoff was very hands on with what he wanted and the style of content he required to entice new business.

It was essential to produce a website that had good 'call to actions', enticing his visitor traffic to make contact. This was done by ensuring that pricing and simple ways to communicate with him. This was achieved by ensuring wherever the potential client was on a page they were advised to get in touch.

I made sure that the navigation was always on-screen and that the phone number was always visible. This has improved the business 10 fold and his success has been so prolific that some of the GEO targeted pages had to be removed as he had too many enquires coming in that he could not cope.

Results Talk For Themselves.

Geoff's new website has been a great success and for my benefit he has recommended me to several other friends and business associates that also required assistance. Which is much appreciated on my behalf. The traffic tracked by me was more than could be expected from a small local business (I have even thought about setting up myself).

Google My Business Results.

Having setting up a Google My Local Business listing (this is crucial to getting a footprint online). Geoff's business is now being found in every location that he covers with his services in 1st or 2nd position (results that generate enquiries).

If you have a website and don't have an optimised Google My Local Business listing get in touch today. I can provide a quick and painless service that will enhance the coverage of your business.

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What The Website Looks Like.